Why the Hadabisei 3D Face Masks Are Absolutely Worth It!

One of my favourite skincare products is a sheet mask. It’s very easy to use and it gives an instant boost of hydration. I just love using them especially on days when my skin needs extra TLC!

There are a lot of different sheet masks. Aside from having different ingredients, sheet masks are also made from different materials and have different sizes! Well, sheet masks are usually round and flat sheets but some sheet masks are especially designed to better fit the face and even extend to the neck!

As its name suggests, the Hadabisei 3D Face Masks are 3D shaped to perfectly fit the facial contours and extend to the neck because well, your neck needs TLC too! In fact, the skin on our neck can exhibit early signs of aging if you don’t take care of it!

The Hadabisei 3D Face Masks comes in 3 variants: Moisturizing, Brightening and our newest variant, Super Supple. The Moisturizing variant contains Collagen to improve skin elasticity. The Brightening variant contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin. And the Super Supple variant contains Hyaluronic Acid for intensive hydration.

Each sheet mask is soaked in a generous 30ml of essence that your face and neck will absolutely enjoy! After I use this mask, the sheet is actually still damp so I just tap the remaining essence on my face and neck and, if you’re like me and want to get the most out of products and not waste a single drop, I spread whatever is left in the packet on my hands and arms!

Retails for PhP545 per box. P150 per sheet.




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