Why I Switched to Sulfate-free and Silicone-free Shampoos

You’ve probably heard of sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoos. If you’ve had your hair colored or bleached, chances are you have looked for these products or have actually used them. I, for one, have bleached and colored my hair. A couple of times actually. At first, I was reluctant to bleach my hair because I was afraid of the damage. But ash-gray hair looks so pretty so I still gave in.

Two bleaching sessions and three retouching sessions later, my hair color looked absolutely stunning. It was the ash gray that I wanted to achieve! But behind the gorgeous color was intense damage. I was also very careful not to wash my hair too often because regular shampoos can easily strip the beautiful ash color.

So I searched for shampoos that can help maintain my hair color and also reverse the hair damage. That’s when I discovered sulfate-free shampoos. What I initially noticed is that they are quite expensive compared to regular sulfate-based shampoos. Sulfates are actually the cleansing agents in shampoos and they are what makes our shampoos bubble up. The thing is, sulfates not only cleanse the hair but they can easily wash-off hair color too (don’t get me wrong, washing, even with sulfate-free shampoos will still have some color-stripping effect but not as much). So I purchased a sulfate-free purple shampoo which is said to counter hair brassiness and correct hair color. Unfortunately, this one did not work well for me. It probably helped maintain my hair color but it wasn’t moisturizing and left my hair dry. And for a tiny bottle, I found it really pricey too.

Then I discovered the HIMAWARI Hair Products. Their shampoos are free from sulfates and silicones. Instead of using sulfates as the cleansing ingredient, they use amino-based cleansers that are milder but effective. They are silicone-free as well so there will be less product build-up. And having sunflower-extracts as ingredients makes their products very moisturizing and beneficial to damaged hair. I always have soft and manageable hair whenever I use this and it revived my damaged and brittle hair. Believe me when I say, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT.

You can choose from three variants:

Himawari Rich and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Rich & Repair for frizzy and damaged hair

Himawari Volume and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Volume & Repair for limp and damaged hair

Himawari Gloss and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

and Gloss & Repair for dull and damaged hair.


For its price of P695 for a 500ml bottle, it’s definitely a steal! It’s a bonus that their products smell absolutely amazing too! Now, I have #OnlyGoodHairDays and I’m never looking back!


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