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SABORINO Good Night Sheet Mask VA



  • Toner, Lotion, Essence, Cream and Mask in one.
  • End your day with a refreshing and moisturizing feeling with Saborino's 5-in-1 facial sheet mask that is infused with four types of Vitamin A that helps in skin hydration and reduces wrinkle appearance.
  • Berry Scent


  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Recommended to be used daily before bed
  • For best result, use Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask VC in the morning
  • Contains 30 sheets
  • 60 seconds skincare
  • Skincare for lazy girls


Made with four types of Vitamin A that contains antioxidant properties and added protection against UV light and pollution. Helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores making the skin plump and hydrated. It also has layered lamellar crystal formulation that creates a veil of moisture and drives beauty ingredients deep into every part of the skin surface.

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