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MOMO PURI Moist Barrier Lotion R



Get peachy-perfect skin with this moisturizer, perfect for after facial wash and lotion use, contains peach ceramides and lactobacillus, which are barrier-enhacning ingredeints to hydrate skin. It's moisture-delivering amino acids that are seamlesly absored into the skin, harmonizing with your complexion for a lasting moisture barrier that's smooth and never sticky. Lastly, it has rich hydration that goes on light and never sticky as moisture fully penetrates the skin.


Momo Puri Moist Barrier Lotion M - Recommended for dry skin

Momo Puri Moist Barrier Lotion R - Recommended for normal skin


Momo Puri skincare is is known for its 2 beauty serums: lactobacillus that fights acne causing bacteria, and peach ceramides to infuse skin with moisture, and has anti-aging effects. Aside from these beauty serums, this moisture face lotion also contains Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. It is allergy tested, non-comedogenic tested, and has a subtle peach scent.

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