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KISSME Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence N


KISSME Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence N
Alcohol-free, paraben free, & artifical coloring free gel type sunscreen. With the highest rate of UV protection SPF50+.

Super lightweight with non-sticky texture and blends instantly into the skin like water!

Sunscreen and makeup base (for face and body).

Strongly blocks harmful UVA/UVB
Protects against not only UVB but also UVA which penetrates deeper into inner skin layers. It defends the skin against sunburn that causes unwanted blemishes and sun spots.

Gentle on the face and body, even on alcohol-sensitive skin.

Super lightweight formula
Absorbed quickly into the skin without white cast and sticky feeling on the skin, and with a light scent of citrus that disappears when dry.

Formulated with 86% hydrating components
This sunscreen contains three kinds of hyaluronic acid and three kinds of natural moisturizing components including royal jelly, aloe vera and saxifrage extract to keep your skin hydrated outside in the sun.

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