Why I Love The New K-Palette Semi Matte Lip Tint

By Pia Ylisa Alday

Girls can never have enough lip makeup! Am I right? It’s like, everytime there is a new lip product in the market, we buy it even if we already own several products in that shade. I think it’s because we’re constantly searching for the perfect one.

Personally, I veer towards moisturizing lippies. Having dry and chapped lips has always been my dilemma especially when using matte lippies. As much as I want to have matte lips all day, it’s just too uncomfortable for me when I can feel my lips are starting to crack and that the lines on my lips are becoming very obvious. But thanks to semi-matte lippies like the new K-Palette Lasting Matte Lip Tint, I’m now able to wear a matte lippie without worrying about my lips drying!



It is a “Skincare Lip Tint” which means it contains ingredients to keep the lips moisturized which is a big plus in my book! It comes in two (2) lovely shades that would suit everyone. I love using the Rose Pink one during the day and the Mauve Red one when I want a bit more color. The formula is very creamy and has a soft semi-matte finish on the lips. It leaves a stain that can last throughout the day.


TIP: You can use them as a blush and eye shadow too! A little goes a long way so just dab a little product on your cheeks or lids and blend with your finger ;)

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