The No.1 Exfoliant in Japan!

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Posted on April 25 2018

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

You’re not a skin care addict if you’ve never heard of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. It’s only the no.1 exfoliant in Japan, selling one bottle every 7.5 seconds!

So first, why do we need to exfoliate? Well, the upper layer of our skin (the stratum corneum) is actually made up of dead skin cells and is replaced every 2 weeks but due to factors such as aging, clogged pores, and breakouts among others, this process slows down. Here’s when an exfoliant becomes useful. By removing dead skin cells and helping a fresh new layer of skin to emerge to the surface, the skin looks fresher and glowing. Having exfoliated skin also helps skin care products be absorbed by your skin faster and better, therefore maximizing their effects.

 There are different kinds of exfoliants, but let’s focus on the peeling gel type which is what Cure Natural Aqua Gel is. So this water-based gel forms solid clumps when massaged onto the skin. Imagine when you use pencil erasers and some clumps of rubber are formed. But in this case, they’re dead skin cells!

Cure’s gentle formulation allows it to be used even on sensitive skin. But wait, there is such a thing as over-exfoliation and we don’t want that so recommended use of Cure is twice a week.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is available in all Beauty Bar stores, select SM Dept. Stores, Rustan's Beauty Source, Landmark Dept. Store, Metro Dept. Store.

Retails at Php 1500.00


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