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Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask Fresh White


BCL Saborino Morning Mask special care face mask that performs 3 functions at once. They are cleansing, toning, and primer. It would only take 60 seconds to complete skin care in the morning. It helps to tighten your skin, also make it easier to put on make up.

Complete your face wash + skin care + moisturizing base with one sheet mask!

White Pack Whitening Mask (Kiwi Peach Yogurt Scent)
- Skin-whitening type. Great for all skin types
- Special ingredients: Yoghurt, peach, prune, kiwi fruit
- Moisturizing level: Normal
- Cooling level: High
- Fragrance: Kiwi-yoghurt fragrance
- This morning mask is formulated with vitamin C. Topical vitamin C can help with a huge range of skin conditions, from fading unwanted skin pigmentation and acne scars to boosting collagen production

- 3 in 1 morning mask
- 60 seconds to complete skincare routine
- White type with kiwi yogurt scent

Directions for use
- Open the lid and gently remove one sheet of mask
- Carefully unfold the mask and apply to skin
- Leave it for 60 seconds and gently dab the remaining essence on face

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