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1Day Tattoo Futae Labo Real Double Eyelid Glue


K-Palette Futae Labo Real Double Eyelid Glue for making natural looking double eyelids!

Developed by a Pharmaceutical Company in Japan
• Real Skin Formula
• Turns matte when dry
• Sweat & water resistant
• Long-lasting effect

*Apply the Real Double Eyelid Glue on top of your eye makeup

Formulated with Beauty Essences:
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Hydrolyzed Collagen
• Water Soluble Collagen
• Ceramide NP
• Ceramide AP

How to create Double Eyelid:
1. Using the Y-shaped stick, estimate the width of your desired double eyelid
2. Using the thin brush, apply a thin layer of Futae Labo Real Double Eyelid glue up to the lash line. Apply twice for an even distinct look!
3. Keep the eyes closed for 30 seconds. Wait for the Double Eyelid Glue to completely dry. Prevent wrinkles from forming while it is drying.
4. When it is completely dry, pat with a finger to flatten it.
5. Open the eyes slowly!

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